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Meet Caoimhe, a certified Mat Pilates teacher with a focus on pre and postnatal exercises. Her approach centers on the remarkable possibilities of specialized breathing, strength, and mobility exercises. Caoimhe has absorbed invaluable expertise from leaders in the industry and remains dedicated to her continuous learning journey. Her mission is to make transformative practices accessible to all at an affordable cost because she believes there's a scarcity of such offerings in the market. Think pilates but MORE!


I discovered the wonderful Caoimhe last year, when one of my friends shared a post from South Dublin County Sports Partnership. It was for an online pilates class with Caoimhe. I signed up straight away. That first class was pure magic. It was the perfect antidote to lock down. Caoimhe gives very good directions and builds up each move slowly allowing me to find a level I am comfortable with. Over time I found I was getting stronger and able to do more of the moves. Now my special treat each week is Pilates with Caoimhe followed by a bath and some nice music.


Caoimhe brings a new approach to pilates accessible and affordable transformative practices for everyone. the Pilates library offers a comprehensive collection of 198 diverse classes and challenges, available as a complete package or as individual purchases. Additionally, our Postnatal Hub offers 26 specialized classes, catering to the unique needs of postnatal women, ensuring they receive the support they truly deserve. Your journey to better health and well-being starts here, with options to suit every preference and budget.

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