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Neck and back pain are major contributors to workplace stress and fatigue. Employees are spending longer at their desks than ever before, and stress levels are at an all time high. 

Classes will educate employees on how to feel better on the job, both mentally and physically.  Designed to improve how participants breath, move and feel.  Focusing on strength, mobility and breath work to give the body back what it may have lost overtime. 

Group of people practicing yoga with trainer via video conference. Fitness coach teaching


Guided real time classes give the freedom to move at home or in the office. Classes are specifically designed to your employess needs. Each live will come with a 5 day recording and will be structured and suited to all levels of movers. Choose from morning, lunchtime and evening classes along with class lengths from 30-45min.

Focus on computer screen with fit young woman standing in plank position, enjoying practic


Create your very own pre recorded on-demand bundles, picking the number of classes and length of each one. Get access for a life time. 

Yoga Class


Bring wellbeing to your workplace in a fun and interactive way. Classes include adaptable exercises for inclusivity at the workplace. Workshops teach employees how to correct bad habits such as poor breathing and poor movement patterns, so each individual walks away with the tools on how they can imorove their quailty of life in and outside the office. 

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