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Why you should train/walk as close to barefoot as possible.

Train your feet as hard as you train your biceps. Our feet need just as much movement and training as does the rest of our bodies.


A Natural shoe company i can recommend is vivobarefoot I wear my vivobarefoot shoes (#AF Link) everyday and I now hate putting my feet into anything different. Below are my top x2 vegan shoes made using recycled plastics, providing lightweight and breathable movement, while treading lightly on the planet. Click them to view.


Every time we step into a shoe that is miles *exaggeration* from the ground with thick cushioning we are weakening our feet. How? Well by putting your feet into support they don't need your muscles go "hold on a sec I don't need to work here." If you think about it it makes sense.

70% of our brain's movement information comes from our feet (10% eyes, 20% inner ears). Take away this feedback and it gets confused, resulting in unskillful movement & pain in the body.

Improve your balance, stability and over health by striping back the layers opting for shoes that are wide at the toes, thin & flexible allowing your feet to act like feet. If our foundation being our feet are not functioning properly how can we expect the rest of our bodies to do so too.

Our feet are truly fascinating with over 200,000 nerve endings, 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, all of which work together to provide support balance and. tell me why again your are walking and training in cushioned restricted shoes?

All Vivobarefoot footwear is designed to be Wide, Thin and Flexible: as close to barefoot as possible. They promote your foot's natural strength and movement. Allowing you to feel the ground beneath your feet.

If you're not used to natural footwear it will get some taking used to. And if your feet are sore after doing your first hike in them... well say hello to your muscles in your feet for the first time.


The more you feel and sense beneath you the better your body can respond.

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